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Media coverage about PEARL’s funding crisis

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——– PEARL again planning to close due to lack of funding ——–

CBC News (30-March-2019):

High Arctic lab once again threatened with closure as federal funding runs out


———-    Canadian climate funding crisis    ———-

Globe and Mail Editorial (23-January-2018):

Globe Editorial: Science-loving government cuts funding for science

The Guardian (22-January-2018):

Canadian climate science faces crisis that may be felt globally, scientists warn

The Globe and Mail (22-January-2018):

Scientists urge Trudeau to restore or replace key climate research fund

Vice Motherboard (23-January-2018):

Scientists Urge Justin Trudeau to Step Up and Fund Climate Research

National Observer (22-January-2018):

There’s a ‘crisis looming’ for Canadian climate research, scientists warn


———-   PEARL funding extension    ———-

Physics Today (27-November-2017):

Canada’s Arctic research station secures last-minute funding

Radio Canada International (10-November-2017):

High Arctic climate research lab gets another reprieve

Nunatsiaq News (10-November-2017):

Ottawa coughs up short-term money for High Arctic research station

Globe and Mail (09-November-2017):

Arctic climate research lab granted federal funding in late reprieve

CBC North (08-November-2017):

High Arctic lab saved as federal money comes through: Liberal government has committed $1.6M to keep lab open until fall 2019

CTV News (08-November-2017)

Arctic climate research lab funding renewed for two more years

———-    2017 PEARL Funding Crisis    ———-

National Observer (10-October-2017):

Science Minister Duncan says Arctic lab has money until spring

Radio Canada International: Eye on the Arctic (26-September-2017):

Canadian scientists fight to keep key climate change science lab in the high Arctic

CBC (23-September-2017):

Climate change scientists fight for funding to save High Arctic lab

DeSmog Canada (20-September-2017):

Key Arctic Research Station Set to Close Because of Liberal Government’s Funding Cuts

L’Actualité (20-September-2017):

La science arctique encore en péril

National Observer (15-September-2017):

As scientists criticize, Trudeau government explores ozone funding ‘options’

National Observer (5-September-2017):

Liberals struggling to reverse Harper’s cuts to climate science

Physics Today (September-2017):

Climate change research cut as Canada focuses on mitigation

Globe and Mail (op-ed) (11-July-2017):

Without funding, Canadian climate science is in peril

CTV (07-July-2017):

Critical science research in jeopardy over funding, scientist warns

CBC (29-June-2017):

Arctic research lab to be mothballed as federal grant expires, Dal physicist says

Globe and Mail (27-June-2017):

Scientists brace for climate-fund cutoff



Globe and Mail (21-January-2014):

How Canada’s Arctic lab keeps a watchful eye on climate change

———-    2012/2013 Funding Crisis    ———-


Toronto Star (18-May-2013):

Arctic atmospheric research station gets funding to stay alive

Toronto Star (12-March-2013):

Arctic scientists see Canada slipping on world stage

Lab and Field (blog) (06-May-2013):

The value of the Canada Excellence Research Chairs program

(contrasted funding results of funding research chairs with the results of funding PEARL)


CBC (04-Mar-2012):

Threatened Arctic lab aided by ordinary citizens

Yukon News (02-Mar-2012):

Canada’s only High Arctic research lab shuttered

Barents Observer (01-Mar-2012):

Canadian Arctic research station forced to close

Nature News Blog (29-Feb-2012):

Canadian Arctic research station to close part-time

Le Devoir (29-Feb-2012):

La Station Eureka feremera en avril

CBC (28-Feb-2012):

High Arctic research station forced to close

iPolitics (28-Feb-2012): 

Government cutbacks close Arctic research station


CBC (23-Nov-2010):

Canadian climate research fund drying up

CFCAS ending

2009 (17-Feb-2009):

Arctic research centre scrambles to survive

Initial end of CFCAS money, NSERC MRS grant



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